Soy Vay!

We headed out for a night of camping this weekend, to be followed by a hike into the alpine country the next day.  Of course, this was Labor Day weekend, and most every one else in the Pacific Northwest had a similar idea.  Good thing we have lots of acres of national forests and parks and plenty of campsites.  We found an OK campsite near the trailhead we wanted to use the following morning.   When you head out on Saturday afternoon of a holiday weekend, you adjust somewhat your expectation of finding the “perfect” site.  I was pleased to find an open spot that had a nice picnic table and plenty of space for a tent.   While not creekside, you could hear the water rushing by.  And the other campers were polite and quiet.

We hadn’t planned very well in advance, but kind of threw together food to get us through a dinner, breakfast and lunch on the trail.  I had a piece of sockeye salmon that I decided to put in a ziplock bag and drench with a marinade before leaving.

I used a teriyaki sauce that I really like.  Erin pointed me in it’s direction a while ago, and I’ve been using it ever since.

It’s a funny brand.  Jewish boy meets Chinese girl and they start cooking.   I like all the little sesame seeds and the flavor.

So, come dinner time we got out the Coleman stove, put on the griddle and tossed on the salmon that had been marinating all day.

Along with some homegrown tomatoes and corn and potato salad (slightly pink from roasting alongside some beets), it was a delicious meal.  And not just because everything tastes better when you’re camping.

Oh, the hike the next day was gorgeous.  You really couldn’t ask for a better hiking weather, even though we shared the trail with a lot of other hikers.