Squirrel work

Along with a bucket of carrots, I also brought home a pail of hazelnuts from work.    Hazelnut trees grow well in Oregon and Washington, and I am always happy to bring home any that are surplus.  So along with hitting the carrot jackpot, I also hit the hazelnut jackpot.  And the shallot jackpot, but that can be another post.

Enjoying the autumn sun, I sat out on the back deck and gently used a hammer to open the shells to remove the hazelnuts.  Lots of mess.  Good thing it was outside and I could just sweep all the pieces away.

All that work.  Here’s the reward:

Time to get baking some hazelnut biscotti.  Here’s a good recipe from a fellow blogger.



2 responses

  1. A bounty of hazelnuts is a good thing for you. I imagine you enjoyed having an excuse to work with a hammer, freeing the nutmeats from the shells.

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