Putting the yard to bed for winter

The weather is getting cooler.  No killing frosts yet but mornings are chilly and the air has that nice clean feel about it that means it really is fall.

Which also means leaves to rake and garden beds to clean up.  The sprinkler system is blown out, the yard mowed for hopefully the last time before winter.

And newly planted pansies fill the planter on the back patio.  Wait.  Newly planted pansies in October?   Isn’t that a spring activity?

I noticed a nursery vendor at the Sunday Yakima Farmer’s Market had, along with the expected ornamental winter cabbage, “snow pansies”.  They looked so pretty I bought a few pots, planted them, and headed back a week later to buy some more.  They are supposed to be hardy enough to keep blooming until it gets quite cold, then be the first flowers blooming in the spring.  I read up about them and found that they aren’t recommended for containers, due to more less soil insulating the plants.  I’ll follow the advice to add some mulching to help.

We’ll see if they actually fill out a little before winter sets in.


One response

  1. They are very pretty and cheerful! The two snow storms we’ve had pretty much took care of my flowers, but as I was raking this morning, I uncovered some of my false strawberry blossoms. Believe it or not, there are still some fresh looking roses on the bushes out back. They are telling me maybe I don’t have to put the garden to bed just yet.

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