As American as ….

…..Pear Pie.

Not what you expected from me, is it?  I work for an apple processor.  So this should be about apples. But, we also process a lot of pears.

Last week, I was working on a project with Bartlett pears that I collected from our bin yard.  I’d dragged in two 5 gallon buckets full, and peeled and cored them both by hand and using a mechanical peeler.  But the weird part is that my project needed the peels and cores, not the peeled pears.  So I dunked the peeled pears in a bucket of water with ascorbic acid to keep them from browning and asked around to see if anyone wanted any peeled and cored pears.  I found a few takers, including myself.

So last night I decided to bake a pear pie.  The first time I’d ever had a pear pie was some years ago when my friend Grace treated my family to dinner, and wowed us with this as a dessert.  Since then I’ve enjoyed things like spiced poached pears, served with oatmeal at of all places a Best Western along the Columbia River.  But I’d never made a pear pie until last night.

The pie was easy to put together.  Make a crust, slice up the already peeled and cored pears, then add some sugar, flour and cinnamon. I did get a little fancy and used a Nordic ware pie topper I bought last year for the top crust.

Here’s the kind of design it makes.  This isn’t my pie, as I forget to get out my camera.  Instead of taking a photo, Dave and I just helped ourselves to a piece of warm pear pie, and the another. But mine looked pretty similar, except for the color of the fruit.   By afternoon today the pie was history.

The Fruits of the Yakima Valley. Once again, always a delight.


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