Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

My reading on the internet last night brought news of the death of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple computers.  I am writing this on my old workhorse eMac computer.  My Macbook is nearby, also used daily.  Our original iMac “died” some years ago, but was in some ways my favorite due to it’s bright orange color and bubble shape.  Apple  brought to me an ease of using computers.  And fun!  Always “oh so wonderful”. Never a drudge.

Thanks, Steve.  You graduated from high school the same year I did, even though you were born a year later than I was.  So I  consider you a class mate of sorts, in our journey through life.

I liked the line from the Whole Earth Catalog that Steve Jobs quoted in a commencement speech a few years ago.   It was on the last page of the last issue.   “Stay hungry.  Stay foolish”.

“Stay hungry.”  That’s what keeps me thinking and sometimes writing  about food and nutrition and cooking and gardening and on and on.  And about life.

“Stay foolish”.  That’s what keeps giving me joy as I hike in the mountains and giggle with friends and family.

Peace to all of you.

What more is there to say?  (except maybe try to get back to blogging and being foolish a little more often???)


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