birch bark madness

We just passed the date for the annual wine bottling party with my wine making group. Unfortunately, Dave and I had another “engagement”, raising funds for a conservancy group’s land along the Yakima River Canyon. But I “paid my bucks” and got my wine. It came to $50 for 41 bottles of home made wine this year. Now, is that extravagant or what? We have Trader Joe’s “Two Buck Chuck” beat by a long shot.

Here’s the best part of all. The wine is fine (and I’m a poet, if you didn’t notice). But some of the labels this year were beyond fine. Last year we peeled off some birch bark at the vineyard, and thought it might lend itself to some very nice home made labels. And this year we made it happen. The first attempt was a failure. The iron on transfers did NOT work. But with a lot of messing around, we ran pre-cut pieces of birch bark through a printer and ….. Success!!!

Look closely. Admire deeply. Handcrafted. These really are birch bark, not paper. Unique? Yes, I think so. Don’t you wish you were part of my wine group?


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