Shredded wheat “french toast”- revisiting an old favorite

Growing up, a favorite breakfast was shredded wheat biscuits fixed like french toast. Mix up eggs and milk, dip in the shredded wheat biscuit to soak up the mixture, then fry in butter, and enjoy with syrup. I never knew anyone else who had this for their breakfasts, and we all just were sure it was a secret recipe from my father’s family.

Dave didn’t grow up enjoyng this, but has always like it when I fixed it. He asked for it this morning. Sounded good to me also, except I didn’t have shredded wheat biscuits, just spoon size. Well, why wouldn’t it work? I mixed up 2 eggs with 1/2 a cup of milk, and poured in a few servings of spoon sized shredded wheat. AFter letting it sit about five minutes, I drained what little liquid was still sloshing around in the bowl, and poured them into hot butter in a fry pan.

Hey – worked just fine. And they tasted fine also, with real maple syrup and strawberries pulled out of the freezer and thawed before spooning on top.

A search of the internet showed this “secret recipe” isn’t really our secret, as others mentioned they also make this. Some people, unfamiliar with the dish, read recipes and commented about that it just didn’t sound right. But I will vouch from personal experience that it really does taste right!


No Knead Bread with the Minimalist

My old e-Mac had been slowing down, until it was about as slow as molasses. Thought I should work in a food related reference! So last week I decided to get serious about seeing if I could get it back up and working well. I am not happy to report that my many hours of effort have resulted in the computer now not working at all.

Good thing that my baking efforts have been more successful. As I continue to work my way through Mark Bittman’s favorite 25 recipes, I revisited a recipe I’ve made before for No Knead Bread. He calls it “My most popular recipe, and it isn’t even mine. Credit Jim Lahey.”

When I came upon this recipe some years ago, I really wanted to try it, but didn’t have the right baking pot. It was my excuse to buy a beautiful blue Lodge dutch oven.

I had some sourdough starter in the refrigerator that I have been messing with the past month.

It’s gradually getting more sour, and I hoped that I could use some for no-knead bread. So I searched a little on the internet and found what looked like a way to do that. Since the sourdough starter has yeast, along with flour and water, I adjusted the recipe to omit the added yeast, and reduced the flour and water to account for the sourdough starter. Things went great! Wonderful tasting bread with a crackly crust. Still not as sour as I’d liked, but that will come with time.