Take the High Road

“Take the high road.” I returned home tonight from a corporate Holiday party and decided to catch up on some reading. Here’s what I came across that really hit home.


“Life is not a solo act. It’s a huge collaboration, and we all need to assemble around us the people who care about us and support us in times of strife.”

Thanks over and over again to the people in my life….


Finding the perfect Christmas tree!

‘Tis the season ….. fa la la, la la la, fa la la.

Done with the Thanksgiving turkey, December has arrived, and it’s time for our annual trip to the mountains to cut a Christmas tree in the Wenatchee National Forest. I paid my $5 for a tree permit so we could cut our own (within the prescribed limits set by the US Forest Service) and we joined friends for the outing. There’s been snow lately, so we added snowshoes and poles – just in case -to our pile of gear going to the woods with us this morning.

While it would have been nice to have blue skies and the sun poke out, at least we had a good time tree hunting. Of the four of us, I was the only one who bothered to put on snowshoes. I think I had more fun tromping through the deeper snow than they did, but the real fun was each couple finding a suitable tree. Some years, as we examine one Charlie Brown tree after another, the criteria becomes “well, this isn’t the worst tree we’ve ever had”. This year I was getting discouraged, especially after our friends found a beautiful tree and I was still finding sparse or misshapen ones. Then finally, we came upon “THE” tree.

Since we’ve been fooled before, we did shake off a lot of the snow to make sure there weren’t big holes or bad branches, but it passed the test.

Out came the saw, and we carried back to the car (for what seemed like miles, but I know wasn’t even a mile) this year’s Christmas tree. After wrapping the trees in tarps and securing them inside the SUV, we stopped at a campground that had a covered picnic shelter. The fireplace was used to start a campfire, and we roasted brats over the flames, enjoying a picnic of sorts in the mountains until the wind started blowing cold and we headed home.