Disassociated thoughts….

warning….not a food post…. just in case it matters!

I’ve not been feeling well the last few weeks. Cold, crud. Unusual for me. And now Dave has it also just as I’m feeling better. So I spent time yesterday doing very low key activities. I made a list of all my credit cards and bank cards, listing the account numbers and the phone number to call in case of lost cards. I then placed one copy in my file cabinet, and the other in the car glove compartment. Now, don’t I feel virtuous and prepared? Not really.

My other thoughts are on my younger daughter’s backpacking trip into what is know as one of the most gorgeous, spectacular areas of Washington State, The Enchantments.

It’s an area so loved by hikers that there is a strict permit system in place for visits. Erin sent in an application for her group of friends last February, and secured a permit for her second choice, not the core area, but a surrounding spot to camp in. They are off now – exploring the wilderness and hopefully loving the landscape. But I see the weather report showed SNOW today. After rain. Ick. I hope they are staying warm and safe. Tomorrow has a better forecast, with some sun. I hope they are able to enjoy the beauty of the area after all!


Guess who’s coming to dinner

It’s been busy at the work. Lots going on related to fruit processing, but also a lot of work preparing for some special dinner guests. Now remember, the building where I work has offices, labs, taste panel rooms, kitchens, conference room and pilot plant. But no dining rooms. And it’s all very industrial looking. But someone decided that it would be a really neat place to hold our big 50th anniversary board of director’s reception and dinner. Reception in the labs, taste panel room and conference room. Dinner in the pilot plant. Beyond the issue of how this would actually work was the issue of we aren’t the neatest group of people and in the last few decades there has been a lot of build up of clutter. So there’s been a lot of cleaning – heavy duty cleaning- going on for the last several weeks. And a lot of temporary clearing of lab benches and other countertops and floor space to make way for the gala event.

So, by last Friday night the tranformation was as complete as it was going to be…… Welcome to the Technical Center!

Here’s the conference room….

And the taste panel room…

The kitchen usually (or more accurately, never) is stocked with wine and beer and sodas like this…

Now, let’s step into the main lab. Shot glasses filled with appetizers, including yummy things like giant prawns and wasabi beef, were added to the tiered display once the guests arrived.

The harp player is tuning up, getting ready also.

Now, let’s move into “my” lab. Never seen it looking like this! The counters are so bare. I did ask the VP in charge of my department if we could keep one of the cocktail tables as they do add a nice touch.

And now, let’s head out to the pilot plant, or “grand dining hall”.

Most at my table (the “hired help”, not the Board of directors) expressed surprise at how many glasses the table held.

The honored guests arrived and seemed to have a good time socializing in the lab and dining in the pilot plant. I surprised myself by also enjoying the evening!