With visions of …..

The correct ending would be “sugarplums”. It’s almost Christmas, and my kitchen should be filled with a variety of special cookies, like my sister Becky has made. I haven’t done much special baking… yet. Instead I continue to waste my time watching videos on the internet from Mark Bittman, a writer for the New York Times. His regular column, the Minimalist, is a favorite of mine. A recent piece was about Popovers. Or Yorkshire pudding without the roast beef.

My favorite part in watching the video is when he said (and I quote him exactly) “it’s not imperative that you make a mess, but don’t worry about it”. I had to watch the video a second time just to make sure I heard it correctly. My kind of cook!


Turning Yuck to Yum

Wow. Long time without any posts. And no excuses I can think of other than “just not inspired”. But I should be. I attended the Washington State Horticultural Convention earlier this week and listened to lots of inspiring speakers, mostly focused on food safety and sustainability. Both great topics that can generate years worth of blogs. And both topics that I will put off until another time while I think about acquired tastes.

I was making a pot of red lentil soup with lemon tonight so that there would be something for lunches for the next few days. Along with not being inspired for blog writing, I also haven’t felt like an inspired cook. But I decided I could at least try to be a prepared one. I looked back and realized it was almost a year ago that I blogged about this soup.

I really should be thinking about Holiday preparations not yet completed, but instead I was measuring and chopping and stirring and happening to ponder how much I really like this soup – and that two of its distinctive flavors are ones I never had growing up, and did not like at all when I was first introduced to them a few decades ago.

Cumin. Cilantro. Both very necessary to the taste of many foods I love. And both seasonings that I found very distasteful when I was first introduced to them. Somehow, I had foods again and again with them and gradually came to love them. What foods or seasonings have a similar history for you?